Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Working at Spark Lane

Applying an H2O pattern

Humeyra, Lauren, Hosna, Pesuri and Sumaya on the scaffolding

Lamees and Humeyra spraypainting on the top level

Faza, Mohammed and Lauren stencilling a pattern to the top of the artwork

Mohammed goes back to school

Mohammed's visit to an art class at the King Khalid Islamic College Of Victoria

Crooked Rib and Aerosol Arabic in the News

'Arab Graffiti' on the ABC's Australia Network Newshour with Jim Middleton

'Artist sprays far from home to help share the prophet' in the Melbourne Age

'Artist draws on first impressions' in the Leader

'Imported Street artist cops a spray' in the Herald Sun

Crooked Rib on SBS Radio's Alchemy

'Doodling Downunder' on BBC Birmingham

Monday, October 27, 2008

Finishing touches

Mohammed Ali checking for mistakes for the last time.

"A Thirst for Change"


Aerosol Arabic speaking at Melbourne Uni

Crooked Rib members, Amanda King and Aerosol Arabic

during questions and answer session at City Library.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Watch this space for more updates...

Off Flinders Street

The girls trying to align the patterned stencil to the wall

Visitors, thanks for the muffins =)

Mohammed Ali explaining what the mural looks like from afar.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Boys Street art workshop

Photographs from Nazeem Hussain

Monday, October 13, 2008

Aerosoling in Shed 4, Docklands

The girls parked their car at Shed 4 at 9.59am. Arriving early by one minute. Crooked Rib has given "Muslim standard time" new meaning.. ha!
Beginning with our traditional floor sitting circles, we discussed ideas for Sparks Lane. From our previous meeting, we've decided on the concept, but not the exact message we want to send across. Ideas were thrown, suggestions were made, and an hour later this message is yet to be finalised.

Realising that our ideas were not freshing up, it was time to give our minds a rest and hit the cans. We began scribbling random words, pictures, names, quotes and even brand-name cleaning agent, such as Ajax.

Mohammed observed then taught us the techniques to spraypainting. Position, movement, distance and speed are all factors to consider before pressing that can.

After deciding on a simple design to work on for the workshop, the Crooked Rib crew split into two groups to work on two seperate pieces. Mohammed stood back and facilitated the session, giving tips and ideas when needed.

While the girls sat back at the end of the session, hands and arms exhausted from a long day, Mohammed Ali aka Aerosole Arabic kicked into gear and did his thang. He was able to cover all of our flaws (not that we had many *Ahem), and bring the words to life. It's true when they ("they" being Sumaya) say "Watching a graffiti artist at work is like watching a performance". You're constantly on edge wondering what's going to happen next.

Photos taken by: Humeyra Ozgok and Pesuri Ahmad

Monday, October 6, 2008

Opening night, success!

Mission: To launch the long awaited Crooked Rib Exhibition.

Venue: Gallery15 @ 15W, 15 William Street, Melbourne.

Date: Thursday October 2, 2008

Time: 6pm- 8pm.

MC: Humeyra Ozgok and Pesuri Ahmad


  • Kathy Alexander (CEO City of Melbourne)
  • Maryum Chaudry (Muslim Women Council of Victoria)
  • Susan Carland - Guest Speaker

After months of hard work, the Opening night had arrived. The cavases were perfectly aligned, the Emu eggs perched neatly on it's stand, the photos tucked nicely in it's frame and the skateboards placed high on it's wall. The night had come for Crooked Rib to exhibit their work.

Family and friends arrived en masse. The CR crew were scattered to their specific stations: Some had to meet and greet the guests as they came in, others served food and drinks and the remaining talked guests through the art pieces.

Many were surprised at the quality of the artwork. We didn't know whether to be flattered or taken aback. Many artists were commended for their talent and hard work. Some were even asked whether their artwork was up for sale. This has yet to be discussed.

We, Crooked Rib would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coming and supporting us. To our family and friends, Jazakallah Khair.

Absent: Sarah Mahri and Faza Fauzi

Skyping with Mohammed Ali

The hub they meet
Crooked Rib take a seat
With just one click
Really, that quick?

We connect to Mohammed
All the way from the UK
To discuss our upcoming wall
One which will take many days.

Many ideas
We had to discuss
From layout to messages
...All that artistic fuss.

Basics were established
Alot more to think through
One thing for certain
A message that you can relate to.

The only thing certain,
A message that you can relate to.

Photo taken by Lauren Thomas