Friday, April 18, 2008

Label Me

At this week's workshop we played around with the idea of 'labels.'
We wrote stuff down on sticky labels and had a bit of an impromptu "photoshoot" (in the terribly lit meeting room) which turned out quite well.
Our labels represent the way we see ourselves, whether it be serious or silly, and the way outsiders might view us.

Check out the photos here.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What's with the Crooked Rib?

It’s simple. ‘Crooked’ is a description. A feature. A form.

It’s NOT a defect of creation.
It’s NOT an insult to thinking.
It’s NOT another word for ‘dodgy’.

It’s only a matter of design.
A required design for functioning inside the body.
A required design for protecting a most important organ inside the body… the heart.

A Prophetic tradition in the Muslim faith mentions:

‘Women are created from the rib, which is naturally crooked, and its crookedness is more at the top; if you try to straighten it by force it will break; if you leave it, it will stay as it is. So accept my advice and treat your wives with kindness.’

Contrary to popular belief, ‘crooked’ is just another one of the many ways to simply articulate on a woman’s complexities and expansions of unique personality and temperament. A detail that is by no means regarded in Islam as a way to inferior a woman’s status or thinking to man’s, but rather to explain a normal trait functioning for humanity.

Basically, this tradition is every man’s guide to dealing with women in a just manner without imposing his thinking, or attempting to re-mould her in a manner harsh enough to break her spirit and wounding her heart.

Simply put, it’s how not to try reforming a rib to the degree of breaking it.

We, the women of this project, chose this name for a number of reasons.
Firstly to express our pride in how we were created to function with the other, in unison, whether it be gender, faith, race or else, for a great humanity.

Secondly to use a generic term to join other’s perceptions with ours as a protective function to maintain harmony and reconciliation for our societies.

Finally to express the flaws in the misinterpretations of our faith made by those claiming to hear our case, yet unwilling to hear our voice.

So please…
Crooked, is beautiful.
Crooked, is natural.
Crooked, protects.
Crooked, functions for humanity’s sake.
We are proudly…Crooked Rib.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


There's something about using a badge as a silent device to voice an expression whether it's an identity, an opinion, a concern, a thought or simply a question. It's versatility in fashion, campaigning or just collecting makes it a tempting area of fun exploration that we just couldn't miss out on!
Todays session was all about playful zoom-in on pattern, text, and color as a focus on our just-for-fun moods!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sydney Road, Brunswick

Photos by Pamela

Like a Tiger

Thursday 13th of March saw the Crooked Rib crew at a different location at 5:30pm (muslim time... meaning 5:45pm). “Steller Images” in Brunswick was our temporary home. It was a scorching hot day, but we all showed up in style, donning either abbayahs for the group shot or our outfits for our individual shots.

A creative vibe was in the air as each of the girls modelled their unique ideas in front of the cameras. There were campers and backpackers, musicians, tomato paste spillage, silly string, party poppers, scarves thrown around and others being worn, dancing, colourful paper designs and bold statements and words being projected.

Although being a model was fun, it turned out not as glamorous as once thought. We ended the shoot as the sky darkened with group shots. We modelled ‘asian pose (peace sign)’, ‘asian laugh (shy giggle behind our hands)’ and ‘be a tiger’ as a group in our tradition black Arabian abbayahas.

Like a tiger? Yes we are.

(image of Hella by Sara)